Host families

Would you like to invite the world into your own house?

The heart of our Swiss IFYE exchange are our host families. They let an incoming-IFYE becmoe a part of their family for 1 to 4 weeks. The Incomings are curious young people (18-30 years) from all over the world. During their exchange, the incomings become part of the family: they live like the host family, eat the same food and work alongside their hosts. The incomings tell their hosts about their life in their home countries and are able to compare the cultures.

We're looking mostly for farming families or families from more rural areas, with a connection to Swiss agriculture. The main goal of the exchange is for the incomings to get a good insight how Swiss life really works - to give them an idea of REAL Swiss life. So, we ask our host families to involve them as much as possible in their daily life: take them shopping, take them along when you do sports with your local groups, take them to your garden, to your farm or also to your office. Visit the grandparents at the senior home or show them how your children go to school.

Of course, our IFYEs always appreciate being taken along to see some of the sights of Switzerland: a hike on the Rigi, a trip to Lake Constance, a visit to the bears of Berne or even the local cattle show could be their personal highlight of the IFYE-exchange. In the end, being an IFYE is much more than just visiting the Jungfraujoch and a Lucern: it's about being a part of the family, buliding bridges between different countries and cultures, and seeing things that they wouldn't as a tourist to Switzerland.

Important facts for host families

Stay in Switzerland

Arrival of the Incoming IFYEs in late June for the Incoming weekend, departure of the IFYEs latest in December.

Length of stay per familiy

between one and three weeks, depending on capacities and availabilities of families.

Origin of IFYEs

From all partner countries.


The IFYEs do not get a salary, but they get food and a bed for their work around your house/farm.


Our host family coordinator, Annika Sonderegger, will answer all your questions:


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