South Korea

Length of exchange

2 months, Start: end of June


In Seoul

Host families

4H, farming and non-farming families

Changing host families

Every 5 days to 3 weeks

Information/ Organisation

The host families are already known before the beginning of the IFYE-exchange. Organisation through 4H Korea.


Very different from host family to host family: Sometimes it's impossible to help; you can only do a bit of work for pictures. If you really want to, they can organize a few days of work. Some other host families expect your work.


Mostly with your host family, sometimes also with 4H-members.

Young Farmers/Rural Youth:

Participation at some 4H events


A lot of rice with various sides (oftentimes a lot of meat). Very spicy! They eat with chopsticks. Their food culture is not comparable to any other country in the world.


English and body language. Korean is possible to learn.


Big gap between traditional culture / high-tech life. Bring lots of small gifts with you - you'll also get many gifts and you will want to give something in return. Ask about their age: it is important to know how old people are in order to use appropriate language.