Length of exchange

4 to 9 weeks


Ljubljana, at the beginning of the IFYE-exchange

Host families

A lot of contact to the members of rural youth. Farms and private households.

Changing host families

Every one or two weeks

Information / Organisation

The hostfamiliyplan will be announced at arrival. Many informations will be provided during the informationweekend. The changes of hostfamilies are well organised.


Good mix between assistance on the farm/ in the houshold and freetime


Several excursions with the hostfamiliy or the rural youth

Young Farmers / Rural Youth

Participation in several contests of the rural youth. Very good contact to the local groops of the rural youth.


Little fish, a lot of patatoes, pasta and and meat --> traditional


The older generation often speaks broken German. The younger generation speeks moderatly to good English. National language: Slovenian.


A lot of parties and traditional folk music