Following our motto «Once an IFYE – always an IFYE», the Redteam makes sure that you're always up-to-date on IFYE matters through the biannual IFYE news.

The IFYE News are sent out in February and September and feature interesting travel reports from the newest IFYE members, as well as all the important dates and information from the board: invitations to IFYE events, stories of IFYEs to Switzerland, minutes from our general assemblies, the latest IFYE-baby birth announcements and wedding announcements .

Would you like to invite the other IFYEs to such an event? Have you gotten married or had a baby? In order to get your message into the IFYE-News, send a message to the Redteam: news(at)ifye.ch

Andrea Marti

Funktion: Head of the IFYE-News team, Incoming Weekend Coordinator

Austausch: Norway 2014

Lukas Helfenstein

Funktion: In charge for the layout of the IFYE-News, Facebook-Responsible

Austausch: Northern Ireland 2007

Elsbeth Schär-Jordi

Funktion: Editor

Austausch: Norway 1971

Diana Lauener

Funktion: Editor

Austausch: Finland 2013

Andrea Hospenthal

Funktion: Editor

Austausch: South Korea 2015, Denmark 2016

Céline Fahrni

Funktion: Editor

Austausch: Ireland 2017

Christine Bieri

Funktion: Redaktorin

Austausch: Finnland 2006