The Board

The board is in charge of the organization of the exchange programs. It coordinates all the activities of the IFYE association, and is made up of former IFYE participants.

Susanne Egloff

Function: President

Exchange: Ontario 2010

Andrea Hospenthal

Function: Coordinator South Korea and India, Member of the Redteam

Exchange: South Korea 2015, Denmark 2016

Christa Zürcher

Function: Vice President Suisse Romandie, Coordinator Australia, Kiosk Coordinator

Exchange: Tasmania 2016

Ariane Beetschen

Function: Coordinator Costa Rica

Exchange: Costa Rica 2013

Sabine Wegmann

Function: Secretary

Exchange: USA 2017

Andrea Marti

Function: Head of the IFYE-News team, Incoming Weekend Coordinator

Exchange: Norway 2014

Sabine Frey

Function: Outgoingweekend Coordinator

Exchange: Cameroon 2013

Felix Helfenstein

Function: Head of Finances

Exchange: Costa Rica 2017

Michael Huber

Function: Host family coordinator

Exchange: Cameroon 2009

Martina Schlapbach

Function: Vice President, Head of PR and Homepage

Exchange: Finland 2011

Lukas Helfenstein

Function: In charge for the layout of the IFYE-News, Facebook-Responsible

Exchange: Northern Ireland 2007

Judith Amgarten

Function: Homepage

Exchange: Finnland 2018

Michèle Grindat

Function: Coordinator Estonia, Latvia and Austria, Germany and Slovenia

Exchange: Estonia 2016

Thomas Aeschbacher

Function: Coordinator USA and Ontario

Exchange: USA 2014

Angela Erni

Function: Coordinator Scotland, Luxembourg and Ireland

Exchange: Finland 2015

Regula Hofer

Function: Coordinator Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

Exchange: Norway 2015

Seraina Manser

Function: Coordinator Taiwan

Exchange: Finland 2015, Taiwan 2016

Schweizerische Landjugendvereinigung SLJV

Function: Contact person of the Swiss Rural Youth Association

Exchange: USA 2019 (Kansas)